Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a workstyle anyway?

Workstyle can be used to describe the way a company logistically functions. In most cases, we lead shifts in the form of office teams transitioning to working remotely. Other common shifts are in flexing the hours and/or days in which people work globally. Please tell us, what kind of workstyle are you looking for?

How do you customize your services for niche companies?

We take great pride in getting to know your company needs well ahead of time; after all, we are only successful if you are successful. Fortunately, we have a broad set of experiences to lead the way and proven methodologies that scale well with dynamic settings.

How do I know that Workstyle Shift is right for me?

Workstyle Shift has vast experience guiding companies through various shifts over several decades. Big companies, startups, supportive leaders, combative leaders... we like a good challenge. The way we interact with our clients is what sets us apart time and time again. We have strong references that are our best advocates.

"Shift your Workstyle to make it work for you."

- Andy G. -